3. Analyze Competition 

Depending on the SEO project, the analysis of the competition varies in scope. In some business areas, it may be that companies already know the competitors or that there are hardly any. In other business areas, they may not even know who their competitors are. 

As a first step, business owners should clarify that it is not just about uncovering fundamental competitors in the market. The competition analysis also helps decisively with the 

Target Group Analysis, 

Keyword research and the conception of the website structure. 

In doing so, they can learn from the competition what they take up or implement themselves and what they should avoid. The competition shows the dos and don'ts in numerous areas of search engine optimization and content marketing. 

There are numerous tools available to business owners to scrutinize competitors. You can do a practical competition analysis with the tools, among other things 

  • XOVI, 
  • MOZ, 
  • Sistrix, 
  • SEMrush and 
  • Ahrefs 

These can, for example, reveal which niche companies are concentrating on and which weaknesses in the competition they could make their strengths (sustainability, customer service, etc.).  

The investigation should show who the classic competitors are and who ranks ahead of their own company in search engines.  

4. Reveal Keywords 

The competition analysis (and the knowledge of your own target group) has shown which keyword ideas site operators have so far ignored or not thought through properly. From this, you can now derive specific, new search terms. You should check these to see whether users enter them on Google. You can do this, for example, via 

Google Suggest, 

  • the related search queries at the bottom of the search results page, 
  • Keyword tools, 
  • Keyword Generators and 
  • Google's Keyword Planner 

Once business owners have made a list of the essential terms, they should prioritize them. Because: Only those who know which keywords have which meaning for which channel can use them strategically in the right place and at the right frequency - and thus lay an essential foundation for sustainable SEO. 

A keyword analysis is time-consuming and often only promising with different tools. It is therefore worth doing a keyword analysis with the help of an SEO agency.