Having a business is hard work. There are a lot of things you must consider in order to make your brand known and one of them is to promote it using marketing strategies that catches everyone’s eyes. If you are looking to get new potential customers and for them to know your business, then you probably need to keep reading this. Printing stickers and distributing them around in public places or sticking them on cars or walls could get your brand to stand out.  

1. Create a remarkable logo. 

The design of your logo is very important. You have to keep in mind that your brand needs to be unique and stunning. Play with fonts, colors, and different styles until you get one that feels right and one you see yourself being display on boxes and posters too! It should be a design which gives the right message to customers and represents your business perfectly. And it should be something appealing too! Choosing the appropriate logo may be hard because it will be people’s first approach to the brand, so try to get creative! 

2. Think carefully where you stick them! 

Remember that the logo will now be the face of your brand, so you should think carefully where you want your business to be seen! Of course, sticker printing on the packaging boxes are a no brainer but take into account that it will only be seen by customers which have already bought something. Maybe try sticking them on walls around your store or handing them out on the streets to pique customers’ curiosity! 

3. Sale stickers! 

No one can deny that everybody loves sales. As soon as we see a big red sticker telling us that their store has discounts, we must go inside and take a look. This may be one of the most effective marketing ways to get people to notice your business right away. You will notice how sales encourages customers to buy which ever they get a discount on, so printing stickers and displaying them on retail shop windows or walls will draw the attention of the customers to your store. 

4. Boost the brand’s name on events! 

Giving them out on big events is the best way to approach potential customers. Everybody loves stickers and no one would say no when receiving one, so people could stick them on their phone cases or notebooks which would result on free advertisement! 

All of this are well-known marketing strategies that have been used for a long time and always work because stickers are affordable and attractive, but the design and where you decide to promote your brand is up to you!