A designer is prone to criticisms by different people that might not agree with the style and type of design that you put up. That doesn't mean your designs are not great or you do not know how to craft out a good design; everyone is just prone to have his/her opinion on a particular subject. 

When a designer gets criticized, it is crucial always to maintain a cool head at all times and not let it get to you or affect the quality of your designs. Despite the bad criticisms that are gotten from critiques, there is a critical aspect to note: it gives the designer a chance to grow above their expectations. 

I will be outlining tips to help designers react positively well to criticism.  

Having a good understanding of the objective: Before sharing out a design with the public, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the design's goals. You need to know what message you are trying to pass to the public with your designs. When you have a goal for a particular design, it will be easy for you to withstand any form of criticism as you will be able to explain the true reflection of your designs. 

Having a good first reaction: Normally, as humans, when something that many efforts have been allocated to for it to come out great gets criticized, the first reaction is always sadness because a lot of work has been put into it to see that it comes out well. As a designer, the last thing that should happen is for you to get emotional over a criticism; you need to maintain a cool head. Most critics are not out to destroy your work; they just point out a few things for you to take note of and probably work better on it when carrying out your next poster design. Once you are in the right state of mind, you would be able to give a positive reply to the critique.  

Select the good ones from the bad ones: Today, not all critiques write a review to enable you to learn from it; some are just out to bring down your work. Therefore you need to select the good ones from the bad ones to know how to respond to both categories. Getting to know the right words to use when responding to these two categories of criticisms will help you create better designs. 

Giving words of thanks to the critique: As a designer, it's important always to say "Thank you" to critiques. It doesn't matter if it's a bad review or a good review. Expressing gratitude will make you feel a whole lot better, regardless of the criticism.  

Learning from it: It is necessary for designers always to pick some points from criticism and learn from them. You have to pick some necessary points from it and incorporate them into your next poster printing design, so it comes out as the best.