Downloading a single app to get various wallpapers for our phones can be really fun. But, before downloading any of those applications from the application store, we need to be careful. Some of the apps can be malware. Those apps may steal valuable information from your phone. 

However, to prevent us from downloading any of those harmful apps, there are things that we can recognize about malicious wallpaper apps. Here are 5 things to recognize before downloading wallpaper apps. 

5 Things to be Checked Before Downloading Wallpaper Apps 

1. Rating 

The first thing you need to see from an app before downloading it is the rating. Great apps tend to have high ratings, it can be up to 4.5+ stars. 

Besides the rate, you have to check the number of people who have downloaded the app. The rating you see is the average of the ratings it gets from each user. If the number of users is too less, you have to check other things. 

2. Reviews 

The next thing to check is the app's reviews. Read them carefully. You don't have to read all of them, just choose some reviews from each rating's category. For example, read 3 reviews from 5-star to 1-star reviews. It means you just have to read 15 reviews. 

Be careful with the fake reviewers. If the review is too great, it can be the marketers, if it is too bad, it can be its competitors. Once again, see the number of the reviewers. The more user's reviews, the better the app.