3. About The App 

To get more information, we do need to read more, including to get a safe wallpaper app. Read the information provided in the app's About. A great app usually provides sufficient details. 

Don't forget to check the posters and video in the About as well. A safe app tends to provide videos about what is inside the app. The posters are in HD and suitable with what is described in the About. 

4. Name  

From the name of the app, we can identify whether the app is real or fake. A real and safe app has a unique and catchy name. Just name the most popular apps you have ever known, it is short and easy to be remembered. 

Be careful with the apps with a too-long name or a name that is almost similar to a certain app, it can be a harmful one. 

5. Developer 

The last thing you can check from a wallpaper sticker printing app is that you are interested to download is the app's developer. Some developers create more than one app. 

If an app has only an average rating, check other apps that are created by the developer. If the other apps have great ratings, it means that the app is a new thing for the developer. 

Those 5 things are what you need to check from the wallpaper app you want to install. From those 5 parts in an app, you will be able to recognize which one the malicious wallpaper app is.