Rubber stamps are what you can make online. Stamps are used in making signatories.

They accompany authorisation and signatures. This post tells you how to make rubber stamps online. You can make self ink rubber stamp with online platforms. Various companies use online platforms for making stamps.

They have service in design and make stamps with their artwork. Custom rubber stamps offer you various possibilities. You can make different stamps. This post will describe how to make rubber stamps. You can use the customisation software to upload a graphic and add some text.

Rubber stamps are normally attached to a woodblock and can be used with acrylic presses and blocks. Rubber stamps have a higher quality and lasts longer.

This increases their versatilsation with substances that are heavier. The best way to stamp is to use stamping blocks or woodblock stamps.

Another technique is the use of stamping presses. It depends on the tool. Making stamps online is a first way to make and distribute digital stamps. It is suitable for stamping digital documents. 

Follow the steps below to make a rubber stamp online. 

One: Choose the Stamp  

Tap on 'stamps' and you will see 'logo stamps'. Tap on it and proceed. Get the size of the stamp and choose the one you wish. Then tap on ' View Product'. Input the quantity and tap on 'Personalize'. 

Two: Select the Template 

Select the template you wish to work with. Each of the stamps have various options. You can edit template, properties like graphics and text. Each of the stamps there have various options for you to choose from. 

Three: Upload Your Graphics 

Input a desiged graphic or logo. Move to the graphics tab. Tap on ' change image' if there is a graphic placeholder. Tap on 'Add New Graphics' if there is no graphic placeholder. Scan files when you save them. The file should be in PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG and JPG. The higher the image quality, the better stamp. The image uploads automatically in a white format and a monochrome black to make the graphic a stamp impression. 

Four: Edit the Graphics 

Adjust the graphics and make a relevant stamp impression. Move images around across the mount and adjust size by dragging and clicking the blue squares. Tap on 'Edit Effects' to tweak the crispness or darkness of the graphics. Move the 'Threshold value' down to darken the image and move with thicker lines and up to make a lighter image with thinner lines. 

Five: Add Ink Colour, Arc Text and Text 

This is the next step. You can add ink colours for the stamps you are making. Your stamp is ready. After this select the mounts from various options like pre-inked, traditional, engraved wood and self inking.