White wallpaper: simple, modern, pure, and modern.   

White colors, like black, can make a space feel minimalistic. White can open up space and make it feel more spacious and tidier, but too much white can make a room feel uninspired. It's challenging to strike a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of using color. On the other hand, an off-white color can be used to achieve that balance, with a modern and clean look that adds elegance to a room. Wallpaper with a light-colored pattern, such as the damask in the image above, helps keep the room's design simple.  

Brown and Beige Wallpaper: Classic, practical, timeless, and comfortable    

Brown and beige colors are also thought to be more conservative and traditional. Although it's frequently a "clean" option for interior designers, that doesn't mean it has to be "boring." Brown is a warm color that can make a room feel more inviting. Choose a pattern with metallic accents to modernize brown wallpaper and prevent it from looking too conventional.  

Red Wallpaper: energizing, passionate, personal, and dynamic.   

Red is a powerful color that instantly transforms the atmosphere of a room. It brings a lot of light to the room because it's such a vibrant color. Red wallpaper is energizing. It encourages bravery and fearlessness. When you want to boost your self-esteem, use this shade. However, too much red can make you feel agitated or excited.  

A lighter, cherry red energizes the senses and brings a burst of energy to a room. More delicate red tints convey a more exciting, playful, and enjoyable mood. A darker red may have a more mature and elegant appearance. Muted reds are less energetic, but they have a more vintage vibe.