When embarking on a graphic design project, one thing to get right from the beginning of the project is the wallpaper or background for the designs. In this piece, the wallpaper will be used interchangeably. Backgrounds are part of the design project, and they determine if the design project will eventually fit into the purpose for it in the first place. 

Background can be used to emphasize or support the information in the design. A wrong choice of background can then mar all the efforts put into the design and the design itself. The more reason the choice of background must be right, starting with the choice of layout, color, arrangement, etc. They all play an essential role in choosing the right background for the graphic design project. 

Wallpaper comes in different styles, such as bold, dynamic, subtle, and static. Your choice will be determined by the graphic design project type and the objective you are trying to achieve. It means that choosing an effective wallpaper is work, and it is more than just putting colors together to reflect the content. There is a science to it. For instance, having too much color in the background may obscure the presence of other elements in the design. 

The gradient background seems to be the most popular background choice. It works well with both physical and digital design projects. This background option comes with two options of black or fades to white or a mix of contrasting colors. Although it is gradually giving way to other background types, it is still effective. 

The bold background makes use of large images or patterns, usually with high colors. Other elements and content are typically overlaid in a way to repeat patterns. It always comes out beautiful with the content emphasized. Some people refer to it as bold and oversized. 

Another excellent background type is the subtle background. This type uses lines, small objects, or simple shapes with colors to create a powerful background design. It often has tiny repeated patterns that help to project other elements on the design. The great thing about this background type is that it usually works well in almost all colors. 

A trendy background type is the image or photo background where the background is a large photo. For this option to work well, the picture must be relevant to the design project, and it must have some space to accommodate other design elements. It is a result of people's attraction to pictures so they can grab their attention. 

Interestingly, there are designs without background designs. They make use of a blank background, usually a color that can reflect other design elements. It is also a possible option depending on the graphic design project and the emphasis on the design. 

Lastly, illustration is another background type used to project details or information while using other design elements to blend it all. The good thing about this is that it is often unique and paired with other project content while still showcasing the beauty in graphics. 

So the question is, which of these will you select for the wallpaper design of the graphic design project? Take a look at each and choose for yourself. Please note that you can engage in combining two or more of these styles to provide the best wallpaper design for your project.