Shopify is among the ecommerce platforms where you can market your t-shirt. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms online and supports print on demand. This post tells you how you can set up an online store.

Introducing Shopify 

Shopify is among the best ecommerce platforms in the world. It is a platform that you can use with SaaS model. With Shopify you can make a website and integrate it with physical and digital products for various customers. With Shopify you can manage inventory tracking and shipping requirements. 

With Shopify you can have access to an admin panel where you can process orders, write out product descriptions and view products for sale. 

What's the price of Shopify? 

Shopify has various plans and they are below. 

Shopify Plus Plan- the pricing plan begins from about $2000 monthly, with a 2.15% for each transaction. 

Advanced Shopify plan uses 30c for each transaction, 2.4% and $299 for each month. 

Shopify plan- 30c for each transaction, $79 monthly and 2.6%. 

Basic Shopify Plan- 30 for each transaction $29 for each month and 2.9%. 

Lite Plan- Purchase button and $9 monthly. 

Steps to set up your Shopify store 

One: Sign up at Shopify 

This is the first stage of using Shopify. Sign up first by going to the website, then tap on the Get Started button. Add a store name, password and email address. Note that you have to get a unique name for the store. Tap on next and add information on the way you are going to sell. Tap on 'Enter My Store' button when you are done. Shopify will ask you whether you want an online shop or a mortar and brick store. Select an online shop and tap on next. 

Next you see the following page to fill up your personal information like phone number, address, name and configure tax rates and currencies. 

Two: Add your product 

After signing up, the software goes to the admin screen for the website. Customise and upload product in the store. Upload products so that customers can scan through. Shopify offers a step by step process on setting up the shop. Its first button will tell you to add a particular product and tap on it. With the Add product you can add vendor, price, description and title. Save the product when you are through. Add images that properly display your product. 

Three: Customise the website 

Go to your dashboard and choose 'Customise the Look of Your Site'. You can customise logos with colours. Go to 'Visit the Theme' and pick a theme. Pick a theme that makes Shopify awesome. Premium themes involve using some payments, and you can customise with HTML and CSS. You can charge logos, home page carousel slides, related item functionality, items on page, colour themes and fonts. 

Set up a domain with Shopify 

After choosing design and template, pick a domain to officialize the site and let it go to live. Add shipping information, taxes and general information. You can test order too. 

Activation processor for payments 

You can use Authorize. net and Stripe. Shopify has its payment processor. Add information like offset checkout, card types and transaction fees. 

That's how to set up an online store for with Shopify for your t-shirts.