Here are a few points that should help you create a good business card and avoid stumbling blocks. 

Cheap business Cards Just Look Cheap 

Thin paper, ready-made business cards, or self-printed business cards simply look cheap, even for potential business partners. So don't even bother with it. 

The Business Card Has to Match the Company 

Colors, fonts, etc., should match the rest of the CI so that everything is from one piece. The design should be chosen to match the industry (a modern, funky business card with a comic font, for example, does not fit a doctor's office, but an illustrator is more suitable). 

Use Common Format 

The business card should have a credit card format (85 x 55 mm) to fit easily into the wallet or be stored (business card organization systems are usually based on this format). Exceptions, however, confirm the rule. (see next point) 

Give Something Unique 

So that your own personal business card does not get lost in the crowd, you have to work with the use of shape, material, color, finishing, etc. I always advise caution if the customer chooses a format other than the usual one. What use is the most beautiful business card if the recipient keeps getting lost because of its unconventional format? With a different material, a lacquer finish, or blind embossing, you can give your business card something unique without resorting to a different format. There are many options! 

So-called NFC business cards (Near Field Communication) are a new trend. A microchip is incorporated into the material of the business card, which transmits its information with the help of receiving devices such as smartphones (this information must be specified in advance but can also be changed later). Possible information is, for example, the contact data from the business card, which is automatically transferred to the smartphone, a guide that shows the way to the following company location, or your own company website that is called up. It is nice that the programming of the chip is flexible. This means that you can change which information the chip transmits via the Internet. For example, you can also get information about current offers. A provider that has the NFC business cards in its program is, for example.