Create ‘’I Voted’’ Stickers 

‘’I voted’’ stickers can be an option for you in election season. You can create a unique design for this campaign. You can also suggest to your customers to use it or post it on social media. Once again the power of social media can work. Most people are proud to post ‘’I voted’’ on their social media. This brings social influence to others. People are excited and most likely encourage others to do the same. Don't worry about having trouble finding printing services during the election season, you can easily find them in Singapore. 

Increasing Exposure 

Exposure is important to reach more customers. Building exposure needs effort. Smart companies will use their creativity to increase exposure. Stickers can work effectively for this. Most people won’t realize this is one of the ways to promote the brand. This is part of soft-selling content. It’s like building an unexpected connection with consumers. This is a simple addition but you will be surprised with the results that gain a lot of people. 

Before focusing on the profit you have to earn trust. What makes you unique so customers will straight forward come to you. It’s part of building companies and establishing brands. Marketing is about relationships and communication. If you already have those, profit will come to you.