Choose the Locations Where Your Ads Will Be Displayed 

When you are going to set up your Facebook Ads campaign, you will be able to choose the locations where your ads will be displayed.

As a result, you will be able to place your ads in the news feed (Facebook Feed), in Messenger, on Instagram, in Audience Network, etc.  

In order to choose where to show your ads, figure out what it will do for you. Is Instagram suitable for reaching the intended target? Depending on this, check and uncheck the broadcast networks that interest you.  

Determine the Format According to the Objectives 

There are many formats you can choose from for serving your ads through Facebook Ads. Each format corresponds to specific objectives. 

You can easily create a simple ad consisting of an image or a video. An alternative is also to create slideshows that combine both with text and sound (possibility of using between 3 and 10 images). 

The Carrousel format is interesting for placing a link under each image or video (maximum 10). This, in a single advertisement. 

The collection format allows products to be highlighted. Internet users can browse and buy them easily. This is referred to as the “Multi-Product Ads” format. It allows you to highlight your product catalogue in the form of a carousel, in the users' Facebook feed.

For this type of advertising, it is possible to integrate up to 5 products with precise details (one image per product, name, description and even links to a landing page)

In the same vein, the Dynamic Product Ads format displays products dynamically. You will then be able to carry out retargeting by choosing to target again Internet users who have already consulted one of your product sheets.    

Note that one of the formats that may interest you is "Page Likes Ads". It allows you to get more "likes" on your Facebook page. Thanks to this advertising you will be able to encourage the friends of people who are already your fans to like your page. 

Finally, you can choose the “Mobile App Install Ads” format if you want to increase the number of installations of your mobile application. Thanks to this advertisement, Internet users will be able to click on the “Download” call to action and will have direct access to the application in the mobile stores.