On average, only 2.58% of visits to e-commerce sites turn into purchases. One of the reasons why Internet users do not convert? Poorly built product sheets!  

Whether your traffic comes from an organic or paid strategy, it is these pages that push your leads to click on «Add to cart». To improve your conversion rate, here are 7 tips to optimize your product profiles.  

1. Focus on White Space  

The white space improves the visibility of your product sheet. When an object stands out on a page, the user can easily focus on its features. 

To keep this focus, move the other items away from the screen. When the user opens a product page, make sure that the menu is reduced and that the only call-to-action clearly visible is the button «Add to cart».  

2. Exploiting Cognitive Biases  

Optimizing product sheets often comes down to one thing: psychology. By familiarizing yourself with psychological principles, you can easily convert the visitors to your shop.  

Here Are Some Cognitive Biases Often Used In E-Commerce:  

  • The Principle of Reciprocity: require the customer to take a specific measure in exchange for obtaining a free item, such as a free delivery, a unique gift or a personalized discount.  
  • The Urgency Bias: Create the need to buy before it’s too late, through a text that creates the alert or a countdown that signals the end of a promotional offer, for example.  
  • The Rarity Bias: Create the need to buy before quantities run out. To support this bias, your cards may display stock alerts or the “limited edition” chin.  
  • The Principle of Social Proof: Introduce the need to buy because other people in the community have done so through customer testimonials.  
  • Authority Bias: With the help of your brand ambassadors, create the need to buy because influential people and celebrities are using your products. 

3. Using Storytelling  

Storytelling is about creating a universe around your product and telling a story that the visitor can relate to. This is the perfect technique to make the prospect dream and help him to project himself with your article.

For example, when you want to sell company self ink stamp, tell the visitors why you decided to start this business.

The more he understands the involvement of the product in his daily life, the greater the chances of conversion.