4. View Price Comparisons  

If you offer items at a special price, compared to the usual market price, a comparison of the two on your product sheet can do wonders.  

Also, in case of major promotions, show the amount that the buyer can save. This practice encourages conversion by making him feel like he has found a good deal. 

5. Add Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs have a captivating effect, useful for improving conversions. As a reminder, a cinemagraph is a fixed visual in which we find a minor and repeated movement.  

6. Collect Hot Leads With Your Product Sheets  

A product suddenly becomes more attractive when it is no longer available. The reason? If so many people bought it, this means that it is of a high quality!  

To avoid losing customers when one of your bestsellers is out of stock, offer to notify them when the item is back.

How? By collecting their email address. This way, they will receive a message when the product is available again, which will increase your term sales. 

For example, if you are selling business card, you could collect information on how you can improve in making this particular item.

7. Use A Targeted Proactive Chat  

Even in e-commerce, you can create dialogue with consumers who visit your shop. In addition to the FAQ sections, place a live chat on your product pages.  

However, consider the context before proposing a conversation to the visitor. For example:  

  • If the visitor has viewed one or more products, you can launch the chat and ask, "Need help finding the right product?"  
  • If he has placed a product in his cart, you can ask him: I see that you have added [product X] to your cart. What do you think of a 20% discount?  
  • If they are ready to go to the cash register, ask, "Do you have any questions I can answer before you make your purchase?"