Your online store is the place where people come to buy your products. It is a place where you can display your t-shirts for sale. Printful is such a platform for marketing printed products like t-shirts. This post tells you how to create an online store with printful. This steps below will help you set up a store and market your t-shirts. 


One: Sign up 


Go to Printful and sign up with your email and name. Sign up and confirm your sign up. 


Two: Pick a market 


Before setting up the store, pick a niche and then validate it. The niche in this case is that of clothing, that's t-shirts. Pick a particular niche. The niche is a particular subsection that you intend to market. 


Validate the niche you picked. 


After picking the niche, design what the target market would buy. That's to say that niche is essential. The niche in this case is that of t-shirts. Note that Printful functions  as a print on demand service, that's to say that Printful prints your product when someone orders it. Check out various designs for the t-shirts. 




Be creative with design. Design creative t-shirts and keep it original. Check out various design parameters you can use. Some of the designs are better than others. Consider how the t-shirt will look on the wearer when designing. Choose catchy patterns. If you want to know how to design, you can go for tutorials on that. Ensure that the design and product match each other. 


Design tools 


Certain tools like Corel Draw can help with the design tools like Photoshop can be used too. You can apply line drawings, shapes, sample graphics and emojis. Canvas is another tool you can use for design. It is innovative and simpler. Another software you can use to design t-shirts is GIMP. It resembles Photoshop. 


Get a designer 


If you don't want to design the t-shirts yourself, get a designer. A freelance designer will design for you. 


Sample orders 


After setting up your store, you can make a sample order of that product. This can help you to know and sample the store, it can help you write engaging product descriptions and tell you more about photographs of your products. 


Select a platform of ecommerce 


Printful is a platform that can connect with other platforms. This gives you various options to set up your store and get a storefront suitable. Check out various platforms you can connect with and analyse their priorities. 


Linking your Printful with other platforms