Let’s face it; there are typefaces that we designers love to hate. Actually, the word “hate” might not be strong enough. We all have seen (and committed) type crimes so bad that even the most outlandish office bulletin would be embarrassed. 

The most reviled typefaces of our generation could actually be a brand designer’s best friend! You can turn lackluster letterforms into luscious logotypes that clients will love (and pay good money!) 

If so, keep reading, because I’m about to introduce a simple process that you can use to immediately transform any typeface for the better to create a font. And, to show how effective the process is, In this article, we will show you how to create your own font out of the most hated font! 

We will work with Papyrus, painstakingly copied from the walls of King Tut’s tomb and the preferred choice of coffee shop menus.

Let's see if we can change this up and create custom logotypes of the highest caliber. 

A Simple and Reliable Process 

Let’s go on a journey from hideous typeface to stunning logo design type and learn how to make a font. 

We’ll start with something bad, end with something good, and it just takes a few steps.