If you're thinking about making your own sticker to advertise your company, you've already realized there's a lot more to the design process than meets the eye. 

Stickers, when used correctly and well-designed, can be an excellent marketing tool for almost every business.  

If you want to use your sticker for marketing or promotion, you'll need to consider a few additional factors.  

How To Design a Sticker 

1 - Choose Your Size & Shape 

You must first decide on the size and shape of your sticker before moving on to some other element of your design. In most situations, the intended use of the sticker would be the deciding factor. 

A regular rectangular and square design is probably the most common shape for a sticker (like the stickers from LouLou & Tummie above). Since they don't need any extra die-cutting or custom shaping, these are also the most cost-effective stickers to make. 

2 - Make It Bright & Colourful 

Making your colourful sticker printing bright will ensure that it catches the attention of its intended audience and receives the respect it deserves. 

It's important to note that just because you want your sticker to be vibrant and colorful doesn't mean you have to use every color of the rainbow in your logo. Usually, only one or two colors would suffice. 

3 - Use Bold Typography 

It would be perfectly appropriate to have paragraphs of text written in a relatively small typeface on a flyer or leaflet, but with stickers, this would be a huge mistake. Stickers aren't meant to tell the audience about your life; instead, they're intended to increase brand awareness and draw attention to your company (in most cases, at least). 

You must choose a typeface that is both bold and simple, as well as readable from a distance. 

4 - Use Text Sparingly 

A sticker aims not to tell the audience your life story or to remind them about every single product you sell (you can leave that to a leaflet/brochure) but to draw attention to your brand and raise brand awareness. 

When looking at any sticker design, you'll find the text is used very sparingly. Many sticker designs, in reality, do not include any text at all.