Your business name cards are an essential tool to help build your brand name and reputation. A quality card can easily make the difference between a potential client and losing a client.

As a business owner, name cards represent your business at many different times. They are often used at networking events, conferences, expositions, and trade shows.

Usually, a well-designed card makes the difference between a visit from a prospect and a long-time client. In addition to representing your company name at these events, your business name card is also used by customers and prospects who are simply passing by on their way to your business location. 

Choosing The Right Name Card For Your Business 

The design of your business card can increase your business above the competition and even make your company the first one that comes to mind when folks think of a product or service that they desire.

If you're researching your printing options, you might want to consider the concept of Vertical Name Cards instead of the more traditional horizontal design.

Although both are very effective, Vertical Name Cards can separate you from your competition in a highly competitive marketplace. Here are some of the best reasons why Vertical Name Cards can increase your company's brand name recognition: 

These name cards are available in all standard business cards sizes. Your cost is very much the same as your competition's.

You will save money over time because you won't have to pay for the colour paper that costs more per sheet. In addition, there will be less to cut out the extra material waste.

Many businesses think that having these cards available in standard size is terrible, but it truly is not. 

When using traditional namecard to represent your business, your prospective clients may view your contact details through a phone or a PDA.

If you use a digital platform to distribute your name cards, potential clients may be able to view your online presence through websites and social media.

This could help to increase your revenue since people will easily remember your website and social links instead of your phone number or PDA information.