Go For a Pre-designed Template 

A great way to save on printing costs is to utilize a pre-designed template. Many companies offer these types of templates for purchase or as a subscription on their website.

You can take advantage of a template by choosing a background colour and theme design for your card before printing anything off.

Most online sites allow you to download a template that will enable you to change certain card areas without having to re-size it. Then you simply place the card where you want it to be printed. 

If you are looking for an economical way to distribute your name cards to customers, consider a pre-designed business name card template.

If you have access to a computer with a printer, you can use your computer to create the template you need for your professional name card. The template will allow you to choose from different themes and colour schemes.

Many websites offer templates that are specifically designed for use with computer applications. Using a template will ensure that your card has a professional look that will attract clients.