Step 4: Adhere Your Designs to the Tape  

This phase is optional, but it gives your stickers a more professional appearance. Return your sheet to its original place, with your designs facing up.

Apply the tape to the front of your cover. Your designs will have a shiny sheen as if they've been laminated. It makes them more resilient and heavier.  

If your design is too big for the tape, you can skip this step and use contact paper instead. To help get it down uniformly and without bubbles, use the straight edge.  

Step 5: Gently Cut Your Stickers  

This is probably the most straightforward move. Your stickers are almost finished; all that's left is to cut them off.

Be sure to cut the stickers precisely so that they all look the same. 

Step 6: Stick Your Sticker On Whatever Surface You Want 

Now that your amazing sticker printing is done, it's time to stick it to whatever surface you want. These stickers aren't like the peel-off kind you're probably used to. This is since it is not sticky when dry. You'll need to get it wet to unlock it.  

Spray the back of the sticker with water from your spray bottle. Stick it to the surface you've chosen until it's fully sealed.