Name cards are never perfect. As time goes, so does the need to edit  the name card arise. There circumstances under which you should edit a name card. Below are some of them. 

1. Change in Job Title 

Perhaps you’ve been promoted or changed employers. When that happens, your job title will change. This means your name card will need an update. You may choose to do a new name card all together or get the digital form of the card and edit your job title and/or your organization. In cases where you need to do a new name card all together, it may take extra time and effort. 

2. Change of Design 

You cannot have the same design for your name card year in year out. People outgrow their current and that is why new ideas come up. When they do, be quick to change your name card design. When this happens, your new design will express the growth that has taken place in you. A new design will also help you close more deals and attract better jobs. That is why you may need to update your name card time and again. 

Change is always appreciated. Assuming you meet the same person you met a year or two ago and they didn’t give you that deal you needed; will you be the same person  the next time they come looking for you? Well, you shouldn’t. Growth has to take place and your business name card has to change too. 

3. Business Growth 

If you are a service provider, your potential clients want to see what difference your business offers. Besides, they want to know which previous clients you’ve assisted to confirm it’s true you offer the assistance you claim to provide. 

With time, your business will grow. This has to appear on your name card as an expression of how big your company is. When effecting the changes, you may need a new name card all together or do an edit on the existing name card. 

4. New Desires 

Sometimes we get tired with old things. New desires come up and such may push us to try and make a new name card. When doing so, try to use the latest templates for a better name card. Using older templates may produce a name card whose appearance is no better than the one you’re trying to improve. At the end of the day, the attempted improvement would be a waste of time. 


Editing a name card may come about because of various reasons. Whatever the reason, the revised edition should be better than the previous one. This will mean more sales or calls for interviews. If an edited name card does not bring about results, it should be redone. Editing a name card can be as easy as changing just a few characters to as challenging as coming up with a new name card printing. Whichever the option you have, you should strive to make the edited version a better one.