There is something magical about drawing a 3D letter on a 2D surface. 3D lettering is a technique to create shadows and dimension in your lettering. It makes a letter, word or even an entire phrase, pop right out of the page. 

As technology evolved and designers searched for new ways to improve the looks of the logo design, shadow type became an intriguing art form. 

Before we dive into this more advanced aspect of hand lettering, it’s a good idea to bone up on the basics: 

This in-depth introduction to hand lettering will walk you through the fundamentals: what lettering actually is, the anatomy of letters, different lettering styles, plus a quick exercise to kick start your creative juices and get you experimenting with expressive lettering. 

When you get comfortable with drawing single letters and words, head over to this advanced lettering guide, which will help you take your lettering game to the next level by building out more complex layouts and using longer phrases. 

Once you’re no longer intimidated by drawing simple letters, words or phrases, you can jump into the tutorial below and add some mind-blowing dimensions to your lettering!