A wedding invitation card is an important component of anyone's wedding. There are various forms of wedding invitations that you can make. Such as acrylic invitations, art paper invitations, digital invitations, and various other invitations. There are various kinds of vendors who are ready to help you with their innovative services and products. But you can still make an invitation yourself if you so wish. 

1. What's the Theme You're Looking for 

Determining an important theme when you are going to make a wedding invitation. Be it a theme about the beauty of a flower garden, nature, vintage, futurist, or just plain white wedding. Themes will make it easier for you to select other decorative components you need more quickly. Also, the theme gives your wedding an impression that is easy to remember and used as inspiration for others. 

2. The Elements that Build the Theme 

You need to determine what elements make up the theme. These elements such as colour, size, design, material selection. In addition, the packaging for the wedding invitations is also important for you to determine. Do you use folded packaging, taped, or any other way? This will significantly boost your wedding invitation to have a beautiful impression. 

3. Size and Colour 

There are various sizes that you can use for your wedding invitation. If you hire a vendor's service, you can consult with them further. They have a variety of preset sizes that you can use as a reference. Likewise with the colour choices available. You can use the references they have. Or you can also use the colour according to your wishes. Make sure you communicate these details. Because the success of a wedding invitation that is made depends on your cooperation and communication with the vendor.   

4. A Personal Touch 

This is an important point that you need to consider. Why is that? This is because personal touch is a sign that most likely only you and the invitees will know about it. This personal touch can be in the form of photos, written words, favourite things that only you and the invitees know about, colour selection, designs, and so on. Make sure this personal touch is one that you highlight in the wedding invitation you make. 

5. Great Material and Finishing 

The selection of materials and good finishing will make your wedding invitation stand out even more. You would certainly want it because this will make your wedding more memorable for the invitees. There are various materials that you can use in your wedding invitation. These materials include acrylic, Concorde paper, jasmine, Samson kraft, linen, daisies, art paper, and others. The choice of this material usually also depends on the concept of the wedding and what decorations you use. It should also be noted that the harmony of the concept in the decoration of the building or venue that you use is also important. One event concept that you create needs to cover the entire event line, be it at the venue or the wedding invitation. Good luck!