When your customers share video testimonials about their experience with your brand or the way your services become the solution to their problems, it improves your reputation.

You can ask your customers to share testimonials and later on share their videos link in your YouTube channel. Here are some points that define a great testimonial: 

The introduction is essential in testimonials to make others believe that people in the video are actual customers. 

Customer should share about the problem they were facing before connecting to your brand. It will give the impression that the video is based on real-life experience. 

Another essential part of the video is to tell people about the journey that led them to your brand. 

Customers must add the after results of your products in testimonials and share their experience that how your services have helped them. 

Q&A Videos: 

Make a video about the general questions that people are asking from you on different social media platforms. Providing people with helpful answers on will establish your YouTube channel as a knowledge resource.

You can also share the video of Instagram or Facebook live Q&A session so people can quickly get information about your brand and products like self ink stamp

"How To" Videos: 

People search for "How to" blogs whenever they don't know how to do something. If you have already had such blog posts on your website, you can quickly turn them into video. Such videos will make your content exciting and prove beneficial to engage a big audience.  


Not all the above-described ideas of videos need to work for your YouTube channel. Try different video styles to find the best ones. Adding compelling "call-to-action" is best to persuade viewers to subscribe, buy, share or download.