Measuring whether the strategy that we are carrying out in our SEO campaign is working or not is essential. To evaluate the impact of these strategies, we rely on the KPIs or key performance indicators that must measure objective aspects, provide relevant information.  

This will allow us to know if we are reaching the proposed objectives and if we are on the right track. In any case, the KPIs must be reliable, achievable, and realistic. 

The main quantitative and qualitative SEO KPIs for any digital business should be: 

KPI 1 - SEO Traffic 

To have better control and optimize resources, it is necessary to analyze all traffic sources from which our target audience comes. One of the main objectives of SEO is to attract quality traffic from the leading search engines.  

Working on analytics and seeing the behavior of our users on our website is essential to know what they like about it and what's not.

Making comparisons of the same periods studied concerning the previous year/period will give us key clues to know the strengths and weaknesses of our site. Here we could measure: 

  • Visits by organic traffic. 
  • The number of page views per session. 
  • Dwell time per session and CTR. 
  • Bounce Rate. 
  • Conversion ratio. 

KPI 2 - Keywords Positioned In The First Search Results 

Carrying out an analysis of the most relevant keywords for your website is one point that we should not skip in any professional SEO On page positioning strategy. These keywords can be of several types: 

According to the volume of searches they generate. Here we could consider the Long Tail keywords, Middle Tail keywords, and Head keywords. 

  • Keywords that include the name of your brand and logo design 
  • Keywords that do not contain your brand name.