KPI 3 - Indexed Pages 

It is necessary to know if Google is indexing our pages through its robot. At this point, it is essential to carry out a good SEO On-page optimization to let the search engine and the robot know that our information is up-to-date, of quality, and relevant to our target audience. 

KPI 4 - Backlinks 

Carrying out good management in your link building is essential not to be penalized by Google for being linked by websites that are not relevant or natural for our brand logo design/business. These links must be of quality and have good authority. 

KPI 5 - Conversions  

Conversions are the objectives that have been set in your marketing campaign. These can be from filling in a form to sharing your content on social networks where you have visibility, etc.

A high conversion rate denotes that our SEO work is fulfilling its function and that our site is in good health and has a suitable design with good usability. 

KPI 6 - Exit Pages  

If the user has gone through all the phases of the conversion funnel before leaving our website, we would not have to worry since the behavior that they have had could be considered natural. However, these exit pages must be studied carefully and in-depth.  

They will give us the necessary keys to know which points we must improve and what "leaks" we have so that our target audience leaves the web page without meeting the proposed objectives. 

Understanding all these metrics, we will be able to optimize our content and website, which will undoubtedly influence our organic positioning.