The Benefits of Video for SEO  

At this point, you are entitled to ask yourself about the concrete feedback you can expect from the efforts made to improve your video referencing. The benefits are as such:  

  • Increased traffic to your website by broadening its audience,  
  • More engagement on social networks. 

In addition, to the extent that the presence of a video on a page has a direct – and positive – effect on the time an Internet user spends on a page, you can ensure that your visitors are better informed about your products and/or services.  

In return, you will quickly see an improvement in your awareness on the Web, as well as an increase in the conversion rate of customers visiting your website.  

Here are some of the statistics that back up the benefits of the video format to your SEO marketing strategy: 

  • Almost 45% of Internet users who have watched a video on a third-party website (such as YouTube or Facebook) then visit the website source,  
  • That a video gives you 50 times more chances to appear in the first pages of Google results than with a “single page”,  
  • E-commerce websites showed that a video boosted the conversion rate by 300%. 

How To Improve The SEO of A Video On YouTube?   

Even before the production of a video, it is necessary to define the keywords that will be used to develop its scenario, and all the difficulty lies in the choice of those that are actually used by Internet users.  

To do this, we recommend that you list all the expressions you would like to appear on YouTube and google videos related to your company (and its products/services), and then type them one by one on these search engines. 

This will first allow you to better understand your competition, as well as to find, by extension, additional relevant keywords, like sticker printing, and if you find that the expressions you thought of generate very few monthly searches – via Google Keyword Planner – use the “Keyword Ideas” function to find more.