Those who shy away from permanently affixing writing to their car or house can fall back on adhesive letters and numbers. These are versatile and make it easier for you to write on smooth surfaces. With this you can, for example, put your address on a shop window without any problems. 

Adhesive letters - versatile and easy to apply 

You can also present your company on a company vehicle with adhesive sticker printing labels available in many colors. Even advertising for short-term specials is no problem with the foil lettering because these can be easily removed again. Besides, adhesive letters can be used as signposts and can be used for the creative design of rooms such as conference halls. 

Other possible uses are: 

  • Opening hours sticker 
  • Date sticker 
  • House numbers stickers 
  • Name stickers 
  • Domain sticker 
  • Rear window sticker 

Design and order your stickers from one the best Singapore sticker printing company now!

How do I order adhesive lettering? 

It is very easy to order the adhesive letters using the online configurator. Simply enter your desired text in the input field. You can customize the adhesive labels even further.  

Various fonts are available for this, in bold or italic. You also have freedom of design with the text alignment and the spacing. Next, determine the size of your letters. Depending on the intended use, whether on the shop window or in the car, the adhesive letters must be larger. By selecting the type of film, you define the area of ​​application. 

The base foil is ideal for foil lettering that is used indoors and should be quick to remove. With the premium film, you get adhesive letters that are suitable for outdoor use and long-term use.  

All that's missing now is a little color. With 119 colors, nothing is left to be desired in terms of design. You can also leave the adhesive labels transparent. Finally, you just need to specify the number. 

Adhesive letters delivered in no time 

Of course, the dispatch of our foil lettering is free of charge within the neighboring area. Standard shipping around the United States takes place within three to seven days. For those in a hurry, we also offer express delivery. Then you will receive your adhesive labels after 1-2 working days. 

Apply adhesive lettering like a pro 

With our foil lettering, it is easy to apply your lettering. The letters adhere to smooth surfaces but also wallpaper. But before you start gluing, you should make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt. Since the letters are provided with a transfer film, you do not have to stick them individually. Now simply peel off the carrier film and apply the adhesive labels with the film to the surface. 

Adhesive letters as house numbers 

When you are happy with the sticker placement, all you need to do is remove the transfer sheet. The self-adhesive letters remain, without a background. Their great advantage is that they are not only weatherproof but also UV-resistant. And even after many years, you can remove them entirely without any problems. 

The foil writing is produced with a cutting plotter. The film consists of a carrier and an adhesive film.  

The plotter cuts or plots the letters from the monochrome film. However, only the adhesive film and not the carrier film are cut.  

After the adhesive letters have been freed from the excess film, you will receive the transfer film. After they have been cut to size, the letters are ready to be glued. Now you can use your adhesive letters for boat labels, names, and wall tattoos.