Prepare your cards by printing them. Adjust your printer settings and make sure it is indeed set to print mainly on the paper standard you're utilizing (glossy against matte), and ensure it's adjusted to elevated and higher quality printing.

Make sure your printer is adjusted to two-page printing, especially when you're printing two-page namecard

One page should be printed and double-checked. You could print that much more if that one section looks fine—however, print just a few pages at a time.

Twenty cards can be made from two pages of card paper. Your printer can become clogged if you print just so many documents. Furthermore, if the ink stock becomes low, later pages can not be of top condition. Do not even squander decent paper on a mediocre print.

Ultimately, if you require more than a hundred cards, ordering them would be a safer choice.

When you start printing a large number of cards, you must factor in the cost of ink and paper. There reaches a moment where buying them will become the increasingly cost-effective alternative to overprinting copies at our homes. 


Name cards are a cost-effective and easy way to inform others about your startup company. With self and home printing, you will still have a name card on hand.