2: Evaluate Existing Listings and Online Prices. 

Look at similar items selling in your area. How are people pricing them? How does your item for sale compare to these?  

How does the item sell online? As a general rule of thumb, It is recommended to sell something online if you know it's an item that's going to have high demand and be worth the time it takes to ship. eBay and Amazon fees these days typically range anywhere from 8-15% off the final sale price so it's a sizable haircut, especially when you couple that with PayPal fees and other processing fees.  

3: Write a Clear Listing That You Can Reuse For Other Platforms Like Craigslist and Letgo. 

Aside from you selling something no one wants, the #1 reason why people aren't able to sell things on Facebook is because they don't make it easy for buyers to buy.  You will need to sell stuff that people wants, for example, customizable self ink stamp

In your listing, make sure to include: 

  • A keyword optimized title: describe the item with specificity and proper capitalization. Include color, condition, and item in the title.  
  • Desired price: when pricing, usually look for a fair price. Put something below what others are listing to be the most competitive listing on the market. 
  • Clear high quality photos: a photograph says all. Auto wand if you're using your iPhone to make your photos pop more but don't use filters. 
  • Go over a few more must-haves in your Facebook Marketplace listing 

4: Reach An Agreement, Schedule The Meet Up, and Close The Deal.  

Check their Facebook profile that they look legit. Send a message a few hours before the meet to confirm the sale is still on. Sometimes buyers flake or work comes up, etc. 

In the case where they don't respond, queue up your other buyers to meet that same day. This is an easy way to guarantee more sales. Don't be afraid to relist items if they don't sell the first time. 

Two Big Takeaways to Remember: 

1. Write in benefits towards the buyer. Help them see themselves buying this product.  

2. Follow up with every lead. Some people just have something come up and forget to get back to you.