Post Product Teaser: 

Instagram is a fantastic place to promote your products through visual representation. If you push your followers too much by advertisements, they will get annoyed and lose interest in your products.

If you use the Instagram platform properly, you will enjoy a lot of benefits this platform offers you. You can persuade customers to buy your products just by sharing tempting teasers and images. 

Create Sponsored Ads: 

Instagram ads have become the easiest way to reach the users that are not following yet. It allows brands to promote their posts to their target audience. you can also turn your popular posts into sponsored ads, so keep an eye on your posts' impressions.

You can use multiple positions for sponsored ads to target a different audience. You have a lot of choices for sponsored ads, e.g. photo, video and stories. 

Instagram Stories: 

Instagram stories work differently than the regular feed posts. You can post Instagram stories daily to connect and engage your audience with your brand.

You can share videos in stories about products and your staff that make endless efforts behind the curtains. Sharing such stories will convey a realistic impression of your brand and your company logo design. Instagram stories also have the feature of asking questions, quizzes and other fun stuff.

Feed posts on Instagram require proper planning and authentic content while you don't have to be too conscious about stories.  

Partner With Influencers: 

If you want to get the target audience's attention, then the most appropriate and quickest way is to do it through influencers who already have a lot of followers.

When influential people share about your products and brand, it will build a reliable and trustworthy image in people's minds.

Find influencers relatable to your brand type and ask them to promote products through their stories and feed posts.