Twitter is a social media platform that conveys short messages up to 280 characters to people who are following your account.

You can follow anyone you want to read, reply to and retweet their tweets with your followers. In the past ten years, Twitter has grown much, and you can easily use this platform for marketing purposes. 

Creating An Account: 

There is nothing complicated about creating a Twitter account. All you need is a mobile phone and create a profile the same way budgets are created on different social media platforms.

Twitter allows introducing people to the brand's story and the change you will bring through your services. Ensure that your Twitter profile has the same theme you have on other platforms so people can quickly identify your brand.

A Twitter profile is consisting of a profile picture, header, bio, location and website. You can use your brand logo design as a profile picture so people can quickly identify your brand. Put a suitable header that depicts the story of your brand. 

Meanwhile, write a bio that gives people information about your services. Add your location in profile so people can visit your store/company in person, and also increases the authenticity of your brand.

Giving your website's link in the profile will be beneficial as it becomes easy for customers to visit your site and check out products/services. 

Tweets To Keep Your Followers Engaged : 

After completing your profile, the next step is to start your tweets journey. You have the experience of sharing posts on different platforms where you post daily or after a couple of days.

Posting on Twitter is different because you can tweet multiple times in a day. A tweet consists of a message or information that you want to convey to your audience through text, picture, video, or gif.  

There are so many features that Twitter offers you, like replies, direct messages, retweets, and promoted tweets. 

Replies: If you see someone is sharing an exciting tweet, you can send a reply to share your opinion with others. Interacting in responses will help you to build connections with the audience. 

Direct Message: You can also contact people in direct messages if they have any personal questions about your services. Giving brief information is impossible, so use the option of direct message. 

Retweet: If you find tweets related to your brand or product, retweet them. It's the best way to share relevant content or the reviews of customers. 

Promoted Tweets: Like other social media platforms, Twitter also offers you the option of upgrading your tweets. Promoted tweets are the best way to engage a bigger audience.