Start Following Other People: 

Not following anyone on Twitter will give your audience an impression of rudeness. But it does not mean that you start following everyone. Here is a list of people that are worthy of your following: 

  • Loyal customers 
  • Your business partners 
  • Competitors 
  • A professional organization that is related to your industry 

Twitter Polls: 

Another feature that can be beneficial for your brand is Twitter polls. You can create polls to take the opinion of the audience for better understanding.

It will help you to understand your customer's expectations and demands. For example, you can ask them anything whether they are satisfied with your services or it needs improvement. Doing this will make the quality of your products/services better. 


Twitter prove beneficial for a brand's marketing. It's essential to make it a part of your social media strategy to connect with a larger community. With the help of twitter, you will not have to use flyer printing to advetise your band.

Being active on other channels while ignoring the benefits and features Twitter offers you is a significant loss.