Wallpaper The Ceiling: 

People frequently overlook the importance of looking up. Ceilings are typically painted, and people do not pay attention while decorating the other room walls until there is a crack or hole that needs to be addressed. However, the roof offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with digital wallpaper and produce a different style. 

Decorate The Bookcase: 

 The bookcase is a perfect place to use wallpaper to add some stylish elegance. Install digital wallpaper or poster printing on the shelves with a pleasant design that matches your space rather than leaving them empty. 

Decorating Furniture With Digital Wallpaper: 

If you have a spare piece of digital wallpaper, you can use it to give your room's furniture a mesmerizing look. Digital wallpaper having lines will be best for this purpose. Keep in mind that it's not essential to use digital wallpaper with patterns; a textured wallpaper will be good enough to add an appealing look.