We live in challenging times. The current health situation has lead us to change our lives and ways of thinking, particularly in how we interact with others. Constant sanitary measures have lead us to avoid direct, and in some cases even indirect physical contact whenever possible. 

Of course, some traditions are stubborn, and something “trivial” like a global health crisis will not stop them. Name cards are one such example: As some business meetings return to in-person assemblies, introduction cards go with them. 

Naturally, the past year has led to some apprehension whenever we have to touch something someone else has also touched, so a few measures should be taken to reassure your contacts of their safety. 

In order to extend a feeling of security, you should take into consideration the other person’s concerns. Not everyone is going to react the same way, and some are more distrustful than others, but by taking appropriate precautions while retaining an aura of calm, no one will really be objecting. 

Some Simple Measures You Can Take 

The fact that health guidelines are simple, while still somewhat well defined, affords you a good deal of creativity when it comes to maintaining safety. If your main concern is mainly maintaining distance, you could leave your card at the other person’s space and let them do the same, before actually taking your positions. 

If the concern is about touching potentially contaminated items, and gloves are not an option, you might want to envelop the cards themselves, both yours and theirs, in handkerchiefs or similar items. 

More expensive options include making plastic sleeves to fit cards into, or even laminate your cards. Another alternative would be to have a single card that your new contact will take pictures of, but this somewhat defeats the purpose of the name card printing, as the picture may simply be forgotten in their photos gallery. People are busy, after all.