Avoid Overdoing It 

People might confuse being cautious with being paranoid. Some measures are acceptable, even in combination with each other. But others may be put off by your insistence in performing all these different protocols that may not only be redundant, but to more cynical eyes might appear as ritualistic. 

A great part of business is perception, so if you stop your meeting for 10 minutes in order to organize a single card, you risk losing credibility by appearing overtly nervous. 

The key to this is to maintain a formal, yet relaxed demeanor. Natural, flowing motions, instead of fumbling your cards trying to place them at the appropriate place. If you want to add a bit of flair to your motions, you can keep a certain grace into what would normally be an interruption to the traditional order of things. 

Be sure to define what measures you want to take, rehearse them to make your movements fluid, and be mindful of how others may react. Other than that, business card printing are not that affected when it comes to regular meetings, so carry on with business as usual.