You probably have seen different methods online that teaches you how to keep your house organized and to know where how to store everything that you own. Having everything under control may be a bit difficult at first, but it could get a lot simpler by starting a system and create different sections to distribute clothe and accessories among other things. Boxes and printing stickers may become your new best friends! 

1. Tag your bottles and jars. 

Using tags or labels on bottles is not something new and it has been used before, but it comes handy when you want to how exactly what you have on your fridge. Whether its milk, juice, or water, you can have a specifically bottle for each. This may be used for oil or other drinks as well. Tagging your jars to separate the spices you use on your kitchen may be useful too! You can use different colors for each item or use different categories.  

2. Use big boxes to group different things. 

Categorize everything: just use one sticker that may fit whatever you want to keep inside. For example, if you want to save your phone charger, your computer charger, and other electronic devices on the same box, a simple ‘’Tech’’ tag will be enough for us to recognize where we should look for them. Store what you do not use and stick a printing sticker or a label on the outside to know what it contains, so you won’t need to open it in order to know what is in it! 

3. Stickers everywhere! 

You can use them not only to organize your kitchen but also your bathroom or even your bedroom! Having a space for each item and tagging it to know what’s inside will be both practical and stylish too. Just chose the typography that you like best and start organizing everything. Order might be within reach with the use of stickers with colors and fonts that catches your attention. You can tag containers or bins to divide your makeup, your pantry, or your cleaning products as well!  

4. Plus… you can customize your items! 

Organization may be one of many uses for sticker printing, but there are other things you can do: personalize your most used items such as water bottles, computers, phones, and you can even fill your notebook with them too. Use stickers of things that stands out to you and stick them on your personal stuff to customize them with either a logo, an image or even a text. 

What are you waiting for now? You can start using these tags and stickers to organize your house straightaway!