Set the workplace environment by playing with colors: the human brain responds fastest to visual stimulation. Wall graphics and color schemes influence work productivity and create an environment in the work area. Try to boost work productivity by playing with the techniques of color psychology. For example, try yellow color in the creative workspace to inspire creativity with a combination of green or blue to increase focus.  

Promote company values through wall graphics: you can define and elaborate your business motto and company's value through wall graphics (customized digital wallpapers) to your employees and customers. For example, you can get the company's motto digitally printed on the wallpaper, which may help t keep employees focused on the company's mission and endorse a positive image to those customers who are visiting your office. Wallpapers and wall graphics that remind employees of your business values should be visible during special company events and in common work areas.  

It contributes to your brand's name: printed wallpapers, mural sticker printing, and wall graphics can promote your company at every turn. Try placing them in the hallway, in the lobby, restroom, in the waiting room, and even in the company's conference and a meeting room. These graphics can include your business logo, company name, and mottos. It will ensure that visitors will remember your company, its slogan, and what your company was about. It will also help to produce a sense of responsibility in your worker to maintain the brand's name.