When it comes to Active Communication, the approach taken by communication departments is often similar:

A Press Release Is Written. 

  • Journalists may be invited to a press conference. 
  • Company representatives give interviews. 

But communicators are slowly moving away from this scheme towards actively engaging the target group(s).  

In doing so, they are reacting to an increasingly clear trend. In the digital environment of social networks, it has long been observed that those who manage to enter into a dialogue with their readers, users, or customers have a more active, more loyal community in the long term. 

This works for big brands but also for local companies that want to retain their community closely. Pull communication creates conversations, and an exchange of ideas becomes possible. 

Anyone who is also thinking about moving towards more pull communication ("pulling in" the reader) does not have to throw all old methods overboard. There are different levels with which you can gain experience before you are a pull professional. 

For example, there is already a widespread call to action with the associated, intensive community management. more employees are involved, including leadership in communication through to the supreme discipline of co-creation. 

Use Call To Action Consistently 

For beginners, it is advisable to use the call to action consistently first. The aim here is to encourage users to dialogue or participate. 

This can take the form of a question or a call, etc. It is essential that the use is not clumsy and relates to relevant content. Anyone who manages to leave the stage to their users via the call to action can look forward to a lively exchange. 

However, it is also essential that communicators also take care of feedback and contributions to the discussion. The social media managers usually do this, but those responsible for the press should also be involved in a technical conversation with stakeholders. 

Invent, Participate Instead of Standing By 

The ice bucket challenge is currently popular. if your company has a chance, do it. but even better: Think of an action that you can add to the side of your press release that is something special. Even if it may take some time to think about new methods and formats at the beginning, you can still ensure that your communication does not get stuck in a pile. 

It doesn't have to be a viral challenge - the main thing is that you dare to try something new that will bring people to you. 

Working Together Brings Closeness and Sales 

The supreme discipline of pull communication is the product or campaign design together with the users. Here, the power of the crowd creates something that the company will later sell. 

That worked well at haribo for the fan edition or at maybelline, who uniquely created nail polishes. Since the community designed the products, they will later also be in great demand in the shops. They will make use of attractive pull up banner to advertise their brand to customers.

If this is too complicated for you or you find it unsuitable for your company, you can think about user-generated content as a preliminary form. Anyone who calls on users to create the community through their own photos, videos, paintings, etc., can also involve many users. 

Of course, every communicator has to look at what best suits him and the company he represents. The fact is, however, that one-way street communication can miss some opportunities. 

What is your way of using pull communication? What have you had the best experiences with?