Who knows it. Everyone needs it for their life or for their company. We are talking about productivity. But what is it exactly? And how do you get it? 

People are very lazy creatures. That's why you need discipline and productivity, among other things. Only through productivity are people able to apply their efforts perfectly for better and faster results.
What is important at the beginning is that we should first know what it actually is, i.e. the definition.

Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of the factors of production.
For example labor and capital.

It is also important to know that, in general terms, productivity is the ratio of the quantity of production (output) to the quantity of factor input.

We now know roughly what productivity actually is, but why do we need it? Or, more honestly, do we need it at all?
Why is Productivity Important?
First of all, productivity tells us how healthy a company is or how good an employee is.

It shows whether goals have been achieved and puts them in relation to the effort required, the costs or the productivity of the production factors.

What might also be interesting is that you can also measure productivity. 

So How Do You Measure It?
Productivity can generally be calculated with the following formula:
Productivity = Output / Input.
Both output and input can be measured in very different units, but also in euros.

We now have a lot of information about productivity. But is it possible to increase it consciously? If so, how? 
Therefore, I will now give you two important tips on how you can increase it and get results.

1. Embrace Flexible and Mobile Working
For 81% of the 3,500 employees surveyed, it is important to be able to work flexibly. That is, that employees are always on the ball, working longer hours and occasionally on weekends. However, the traditional working model with fixed office hours often still applies.

Why don't employees who are most productive early in the morning start at 07:00 and why can't they call abroad first thing in the morning? Why do parents have to be "seen" in the office instead of driving their children to school? 

This is despite the fact that they may work until late in the evening. Rethink your policies for flexible, mobile working. If they don't meet your employees' expectations, it's time to change them.

2. Work Productivity:
Few people value having gaming facilities in the office and playing table tennis, for example. More than half of employees, on the other hand, find such opportunities distracting and detrimental to work productivity. However, an astonishing 40% of employers think that fringe benefits and play are important to employees. So it's high time to review your workplace gaming strategy for its added value.

I hope I've been able to give you some insight into why productivity is important. And that for everyone. And of course, I hope that these 2 tips will help you in the future.