Research shows that colors have a particularly significant influence on humans and even animals. Therefore, you should concentrate on choosing the right color, especially when designing individual stickers. Find out here which colors trigger which emotions and which color combination suits you. 

Design Your Own Advertising Stickers 

Would you like to advertise your own company using inexpensive sticker printing? How about stickers used on the shop window, the company car, or floor stickers in the office?  

When choosing a color, you should give it some thought to ensure that you arouse the right feelings and emotions in your potential target group. Analyzes have also shown that colored advertising is usually more effective than black and white.  

Colors Evoke Emotions 

It should be clear to everyone that colors influence people, but which emotions are associated with which color is often still a bit of a mystery. However, studies have shown that some colors evoke certain feelings and can therefore be used skillfully as advertising material, logo stickers, and the like. Would you like to unconsciously trigger certain feelings in your target group with your advertising campaign, but you don't yet know exactly which color is associated with which emotion? Find out more here: 

The Color Red 

The color red stands for power, strength, energy, excitement, passion, and love. But aggression, danger, fear, and anger can also be associated with this color. Especially with warning stickers, the color red is often used to highlight relevance and warning. 

The Color Orange 

The color orange is often associated with comfort, safety, warmth, fun, and affordability and is therefore often used as a call to action, for example, to increase sales. But negative emotions such as frustration, hardship, and immaturity can also be associated with this color. 

The Color Yellow 

Yellow is the sun's color, and it evokes confidence, optimism, happiness, happiness, and energy. It also stands for curiosity and playfulness. On the other hand, yellow also represents danger, fear, and jealousy. Yellow is also more often associated with the adjective favorable. This can have a positive but also a negative influence. Depending on the type of product you want to advertise, the color yellow can be used individually and subconsciously evoke certain feelings in your target group. 

The Color Green 

Green, in particular, stands for sustainability, environmental protection, and nature. Therefore, this color is widely used for environmentally friendly initiatives. Other associations include security, harmony, growth, health, balance, relaxation, and care. Wealth and money are also often associated with this color. 

The Color Blue 

Blue is more of a neutral color that evokes reliability, intelligence, professionalism, trust, security, and calm. For this reason, this color is often used so often by the government or by companies that work in the field of management consulting. However, blue can also be perceived as cool and somewhat unfriendly. 

The Color Purple 

The color purple is often associated with ambition, luxury, strength, extravagance, wisdom, wealth, and quality. But this color can also be associated with oppression and dominance. 

The Color White 

White, in particular, stands for perfection, purity, cleanliness, hygiene, and clarity. So it's no wonder that detergent brands use this color in advertising or on products. 

The Color Black 

The color black often causes negative feelings, such as threat, darkness, and seriousness, to boil up. Still, this color can also exude a kind of elegance and thus particularly suit high-quality products. Besides, black can be individually combined with almost all colors, such as gold or white. 

Final Thoughts 

Let's conclude that colors can express both positive and negative feelings and emotions. This makes combining colors more difficult. Besides, you should make sure that the corporate design of your company is in the foreground. Listen to your gut instinct and, if necessary, let a test person assess the design of the advertising material or the like. You should also pay attention to the cultural meanings of colors.  

For example, in the Netherlands, the color orange is associated with the royal family and therefore has a special meaning. Before you start designing your logo, advertising material, or aesthetic sticker printing, you should make sure that you first examine your target group and identify the essential features.  

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