More so, influencers are important to PR because their testimonials tend to reach a wider audience. Their followers love and trust them to always provide the best options for them in a world full of competitors.

Social media influencers carry quite a lot of credibility on their social media spaces. Such that, when businesses engage them in their PR as partners or brand ambassadors, their followers tend to want to support them in every way possible.

It includes buying items like self ink stamp from you, patronizing or investing in your business, etc., so that such influencers stay on top of their game and remain a positive influence on your business's growth.  

Also, consumers are sometimes doubtful of paid or sponsored advertisements. However, when you work with influencers, people are more likely to be less doubtful or distrustful and be willing to patronize or invest in your business.  

Likewise, social media influencers want to maintain their reputation, making them want to promote mostly tested and trusted products, services, or business investment.

This makes it easier for people to want to leverage this and trust their judgment whenever such influencers recommend your business, product, or services. 

In conclusion, the current world we are in is full of various similar products and services, which increases the rate of competition and people's need to want to verify every product, service, or business before investing or patronizing.

These people rely on influencers to suggest the best product or services to suit their needs.  

Therefore, using influencer marketing in your PR strategy is a unique and positive approach towards growing your business quickly.