In recent years, there has been a current of thought in which many choose not to print wedding cards because of the investment costs or lack of planning. This lack of interest is accompanied by a lack of knowledge of the importance of invitation cards.  

It is becoming more and more common for couples to be unaware of the importance of wedding invitation cards in the planning of a wedding. With this article, we intend to tell you about the importance of wedding cards. This information can be useful before defining the design of the cards. 

What is the importance of invitation cards? 

Before planning the design and type of elaboration of the cards, you should know a little about the importance of the invitation cards. Invitation cards are essential because they serve as an appetizer for the guests. 

With invitation cards, important information about the couple and the wedding can be known, such as the date, time, wedding venue, or style of dress. Moreover, invitation cards are a reflection of the couple's personalities and are aligned with the couple's preferences and tastes.  

For this reason, wedding cards cannot be considered as simply decorative accessory or aesthetic souvenirs. They fulfill the function of informing guests of the wedding. While each card should be unique, couples can be inspired by different styles such as vintage, minimalist, or more modern designs. 

Planning in the elaboration of the cards 

Many couples make the mistake of planning the invitation card design too late. Many experts believe that the planning of the cards should be done at least 6 months before the wedding.  

Many married couples consider the invitation cards to be a letter of introduction and therefore, the design of the cards should be faithful to the couple's style. Similarly, patience is recommended during the planning of the design. Just like choosing the perfect dress or the ideal venue, defining the perfect design requires patience.  

Couples who are getting married can explore different types of ideas and styles, and then have the cards printed by a supplier. Remember that this is a team effort and therefore, you should plan the design of the cards together with your couple.  

Points to consider when choosing materials 

In the market, there are different types of materials, with which you can obtain different color finishes and textures. You can choose materials with glossy, satin, or even matte finishes. Likewise, depending on the materials you can obtain smooth or textured cards. 

Because it is a unique event, it is recommended that you choose high-quality materials to print your wedding  invitation card. Use paper with a weight of 250 or 300, which is defined as the thickness of the paper. 

With this weight, the cards are more durable and the printing of the designs is of better quality. If you want the message and designs to stand out, the best alternative is to use light or soft colored materials. This way the colors are better represented on the paper.