The pharmaceutical industry is a giant business, where only the largest and most important corporations in the world seem to have an advantage in the fight against this disease. We live in a very delicate scenario, where it is easy to fall into scams when looking for drugs to prevent and fight Covid. 

Due to this situation, some major pharmaceutical companies have opted to use state-of-the-art stickers integrated with chips to guarantee the safety of vaccines and, at the same time, differentiate their products from any drug of dubious origin. 

This is where the sticker printing industry plays a very important role in the health, science, and medical industry. The materials or equipment for creating stickers are not only more durable or efficient, but also increasingly sophisticated in fulfilling their functions. 

With a wide variety of materials and tools (software and hardware) to create stickers, infinite designs can be created to convey a single message "our sanitary reality is changing and we must take care of our health more than ever". 

Casual Sticker printing is no longer a purely creative or leisure activity to capture the attention of a brand's potential customers, it is seen as a more professional activity, and should be seen as an alternative when it comes to transmitting a feeling or stream of thought.