Typography in graphic design has always been a powerful ally when it comes to conveying messages. Since the Gutenberg press, typography has proven to us that it is the basis of a graphic communication. 

Due its history and the power it has shown in imparting information, today we can find a wide variety of web resources where to download fonts. We have to keep in mind that every font was designed for a specific purpose (many of them for one purpose only), which is why when we use a font, we need to know what it conveys and what is our goal in the graphic message. 

A typeface can act like a trademark, a distinctive that brings a series of characteristics that can reflect emotions and other sensations when it interacts with the recipient of the message, it is for this reason that we need to know what we want to convey and to whom the message is addressed. Sometimes we can find unique fonts created to be the corporate image of a brand, such is the case of logos that have a font explicitly designed for your brand. 

When we talk about fonts, we should always keep in mind the basics of the graphic message: readability and function. The typography must be legible so that the message can be transmitted effectively and at the same time work in the graphic language used without forgetting to respect the characteristics that we seek to represent in our design. 

It is important to know some of the basic characteristics of the font and how it interacts in the graphics medium it is in, as using a font with a large (bold) size is not the same as using a font with narrow (light) body, each of them conveys something different and has a higher or lower contrast in the message.

Contrast is a fundamental value while composing, a correct typographic hierarchy must be established according to the needs and the importance of each part of the text in the design, the use of a few typographic fonts being the most correct. If we want to establish a correct typographic hierarchy, there are some basic concepts that can be used when working with typography. 

There are some platforms that help you to choose and asset different fonts, for example DaFont website has a wide variety of fonts with a catalogue sorted by style, this system is very useful for quickly downloading fonts because you don’t need to sign-up on the website to download a font.

Another important aspect, the legal part which involves the use of a font created by a third party is taken into consideration on this platform thanks to a section where you can see the property rights of each type of font. Concerning its functionally, it is very useful because it has a search engine where you can write any text and see what it looks like with different fonts, it is very useful to avoid filling your laptop with fonts!