Images, texts, and supporting decorations are the basics of poster designing. But mindlessly putting them together is not the right way to design a poster that works effectively on your target audience. A design that looks good should also be able to be printed in high quality. So, you have to make a design of a poster that appears pleasant and compatible with high quality printing. Below are some of the most important poster design tips. 

1. Ensure Poster Legibility 

Since the way your poster delivers information is by providing it through text, you have to make sure that the content of your poster can be read easily especially from a reasonable reading distance. It is better if your poster especially its headline part can attract from a further distance so that more people can see your poster even from far. 

The most important thing in ensuring the legibility of a poster is by settling on the right font size and font style. Make sure that the font is not too big, but also not too small. And remember to choose fonts that are straightforward and easy to read, avoid fonts that are overly stylized; ones that look like calligraphy. They will only cause confusion and they are not comfortable to read especially for long sentences.  

2. Design Hierarchy 

A good poster content should be divided into three parts: headline, information, and fine print. 

The headline is the part that first attracts people. It needs to stand out, thus it has to be the largest in font and the boldest in style for more emphasis. 

After the headline, of course there comes the content. The content of a poster should have a font size that is smaller than the headline, but make sure that everything can be seen and read easily without forcing people to strain their eyes trying to read the content of your poster. 

And finally, the fine prints. Fine prints contain extra information about the core content of the poster. The fine prints should come in the smallest font compared to the headline and content. 

Keeping a good flow of reading by making a distinct poster hierarchy can help manage people's focus as they read your focus. 

3. Color Contrast 

Many people forget that there should be a high contrast between the color of the background and the color of the text to make sure that everything can be read without a hassle. For example, if you are using a light colored background, then the text shouldn't be light too because this will make the content of your poster difficult to read. Instead, choose colors that are dark so that it can stand out against the light colored background. 

4. Image Quality 

If you want a high quality poster printing result, of course you have to be able to choose high resolution images so that whatever size your poster you will be printing in, your poster will be able to look sharp and crisp, making you appear professional and proper as well as trusted.