6. Do Guest-Posting 

Guest posing is a common occurrence in the world of digital marketing. Usually, guest posting happens when the two blogs exchange each other’s posts, guesting on each other’s blogs. Guest posting is a great opportunity for us, as we are promoting our brand to a brand new audience that can be our future customers. Since we are introducing our product to a brand new audience, make sure you can grab their attention by posting great content! 

Another aspect that should be noted is the partner for the guest post. Make sure their audience find your product interesting  

7. Pay Attention to the Content’s Length 

Believe it or not, but the content’s length does play a big role in catching the audience’s attention. Quicksport did A/B testing which showed that longer content ranks better on Google. Hence, no need to worry if the content is too long; a 2000-word article can rank on Google’s second page without trouble. 

However, it does not mean that we can solely depend on content for Google rank. What makes the content rank high is the fact that every word of the article is relevant to the topic. The content is long and complete, making people swarm to the article for its detailed information.  

Detailed and informative content? Great. Long, detailed, and informative content? Even better.  

8. Always Check the Grammar!  

Grammar does matter. A slight grammar mistake can cost your entire image, and you can give a silly impression on your customers. However, spelling mistakes can also make your Google ranking drop. After all, Google wants informative authoritative content, and spelling mistakes do not scream authoritative. Hence you must always check your grammar and spelling.  

If you want to check the grammar quickly, you can use software such as Grammarly and EssayGeeks. They will make the spelling and grammar check easier.  


Although the result might not be instantaneous, it’s a fact that content marketing does work. However, it cannot work by itself. We need to innovate ourselves and come up with strategies and tricks that can improve our digital marketing skills. A/B testing, information-focused content, customer-oriented attitude - those are a few of the many things you can do to improve your startup’s digital marketing department.