In a hurry and needs to get a stack of new name cards? Then go for the express name card printing that can be found in many printing shops. With this express service, you can get a name card in a day, which is much quicker than the normal printing process. But of course, you have to make sure that the design is impeccable. The following are the things you need to consider to make a great design. 

1. Name Card Size 

Knowing the size of the name card you want to print from the very beginning is important because with this information you can make a design with accurate dimensions to get you a sharp and crisp result upon printing. You can go with the basic or most common size for business name cards, but of course, you can decide to have your own name card size too. Just make sure that there is the size of paper stock available for the size that you desire. 

2. Color Processing 

To make sure that the colors look great after express name card printing, then you have to convert any RGB colors to CMYK to match the color processing used in the design and the color processing used by the printer. Matching the two is important s that you can be sure to get name cards that have accurate color shades. 

3. Name Card Readability 

Of course, a name card should be able to be read easily by anyone. To make sure a name card's legibility, then you have to be able to make a good choice in font as well as its style and colors so that it can work well with the colors of other design elements, especially the background. Avoid using font styles that are overly stylized and go for straightforward ones that are much easier to read. 

4. No Borders 

Avoid designing borders for the name card so that you can get a design that appears more uniform and accurate. It gets quite challenging to get border right for name card printing so since you want your name cards to get done quickly, you have to make a design that ensures ease of printing for the printing service. 

5. Complimentary Colors 

Using complementary colors is very important to make sure that your name card looks aesthetically pleasing. If you are not sure whether the colors you pick are good enough, try to find information on color palettes on the internet and work with the recommended colors. If not, you should ask the opinion of someone who is more familiar with the matter. Choosing complimentary colors heavily determines the quality and impression of the name card printed so it cannot be taken lightly. 

6. Paper Stock and Finishes 

Express name card printing does not mean that you will get less quality than the usual service because it takes a quick time. Express name card printing is just the same except that you'll get your result quicker and you have to pay more for it. But of course, you can get finishes to enhance the look of your name card as well and make it more durable too.