Learn the Brand 

Getting to know your clients’ business and brand will help you reflect on what’s in their hearts and minds. These ideas and feelings are exactly what you want to tap into when you start designing. 

What is Your Mission? 

Learn the core values that drive your client’s business. Knowing what your client stands for helps you pay respect to what they believe in. Some design projects also may have a cultural or political angle, and these values may need to be an explicit part of the company logo design

What Are the Strengths of Your Company? 

Highlight your client’s unique selling points. You can also use this information to inspire the general idea of your design. 

Who Are Your Top Competitors? 

Get a grasp on your client’s industry. You might find recurring elements and strategies that may work for your client’s project or that could make them stand out. 

What Do You Like or Dislike About Your Previous Branding? 

Ask for links to previous marketing materials and make sure that your design is harmonious with your client’s existing marketing materials. If your client has past design samples, it pays to know what’s worked and what hasn’t, especially if they’re rebranding.