2. Publish Content That Encourages A Response (Questions and Polls) 

Some Facebook users won’t engage with the content in their news feeds until they feel encouraged. Sometimes a gentle nudge will go a long way.  

That’s why question-based posts are so popular. Serving as a sort of call-and-response, questions and polls are a prime for shares as a way for followers to bring new people into the conversation. You create polls or questionnairs to ask customer how you can improve in making a sturdy self ink stamp.


3. Time Your Posts To Perfection 

This might be a no-brainer, but make sure that you’re posting your content when your target audience is most engaged. 

We actually have an in-depth guide highlighting the best times to post on social media broken down by network and industry. 

In the following heat map you can see the best times to post on Facebook to get more social media shares.

In conclusion hopefully, you now have a clear idea what to do and what type of content to create if you’re looking to get more Facebook shares.  

The more shares you generate, the higher your visibility will be! 

So get started with these examples, tips, and ideas to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy.